Visa Information

Will you help in getting me a visa?

Granter Medicare Tours & Holidays can definitely assist in getting a medical visa at the earliest possible for its patients, provided the necessary original documents are produced without any glitches. Assistance with visa applications and paperwork will be definitely provided by Granter Medicare Tours & Holidays.

What happens after I submit an application?

Once the application is received, Granter Medicare Tours & Holidays contacts and co-ordinates with different healthcare providers in order to determine the best medical centre and physicians who can provide the optimum treatment for your specific medical condition. A few different packages are planned out for the patient, which give the best for the least prices. These packages with different cost estimates and benefits are explained to the patient, to give him or her the option of choosing the one most suitable for him/her.

How can I approach Granter Medicare Tours & Holidays?

You may contact Granter Medicare Tours & Holidays by e-mail or phone +91 9495337223, or simply fill in the form available online on our website, providing as many details as possible. A few documents may need to submitted, either through fax or email, and these will be notified to you if necessary. Once you submit an application or contact us, we will get back to you with the details and keep in constant touch to provide you the best assistance possible.

If an applicant is visiting India for medical reasons, a medical category visa may be issued.

Validity of visa and extension of visa

The Indian Mission issues medical Visas to India for the duration of the treatment or for a period of one year, whichever is less.

The visa can be extended to another year by the State Governments or FRROs upon producing medical certificate by specialized hospitals in the country.

Further extensions can only be granted by the Ministry of Home Affairs only if the State Government/FRROs support the extension with relevant medical documents.

Visa to attendant/ family members

Attendants or family members of the Patient coming to India for medical treatment are entitled to obtain Miscellaneous Visa equivalent to the ‘M’ Visa. Such a visa is issued to spouse, children or blood relatives of the patient. However, not more than two attendants may be allowed at a time to obtain a miscellaneous visa. Such a visa is known as ‘MX visa’. It is mandatory that foreigners coming to India on ‘MX visa’ get themselves registered with the concerned FRROs/FROs within 14 days of arrival.


  • The Indian Missions and Posts checks every medical document placed abroad to ascertain the genuineness of the medical visa.
  • The applicant may also be required to produce satisfactory details to The Missions that medical advice is first sought in the country of residence or origin and has received prescription to seek      special treatment.
  • Medical visas to India are issued only for treatment in reputed / recognized specialized hospitals/ treatment centers in the country. The following is a partial list of primary ailments for which The      Mission issues visas – neuro-surgery; ophthalmic disorders; heart related problems; renal disorders; organ transplantations; plastic surgery; joint replacement etc. However, if The mission is satisfied about the need for the foreign national to visit India, visas will be issued for other ailments as well. The applicant may be required to produce proof.


It is mandatory that foreigners coming to India on ‘M visa’ get themselves registered with the concerned FRROs/FROs within 14 days of arrival.

Tour Packages: For the patient – a tailor-made Tour Package will be prepared after consulting with the Doctor