Spine Surgery

Spine surgery is a part of neurosurgery and is usually required to treat patients suffering from spinal problems and chronic back pain caused due to trauma, injury, or structural abnormalities. Spine surgery is recommended only after non-surgical treatments such as physical therapy and medications have been ineffective in relieving the symptoms.

In the 1970s, technological development in the field of medicine was observed with the introduction of magnetic resonance imaging and spinal computerized tomography. Since then, modern spinal surgery techniques have been introduced such as complex spinal reconstruction, internal stabilization and decompression procedures. Today, there are new minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) techniques that have minimal damage to muscles surrounding the spine, are less painful and result in faster recovery.

In countries like the U.S. and U.K., spine surgery is not only expensive the waiting period ranges over 3 months or more. Therefore, patients are choosing countries like India where treatment is more affordable, hospitals are equipped with high quality equipment, and access to experienced medical professionals is possible without long waiting periods.