Neuro Surgery

Neurology is that branch of medicine that includes the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and ailments of the central, peripheral and autonomous nervous system. Neuro surgery of neurological disorders is determined based on the stage at which the disease has affected the body and nervous system.

Neuro surgery as a specialty of medicine was first established in the 1900s by Harvey Cushing at Johns Hopkins when the first successful operation for a brain tumor was performed in 1937. Over the years there has been considerable development in the field of neuro surgery, and neurosurgeons now need to know more than basic general surgery and are getting an education in related fields including neuro-ophthalmology, otolaryngology, and orthopedics.

As neuro surgery is technology intensive, and with the lack of neurosurgeons in the U.S., getting a diagnosis and obtaining treatment is expensive. Moreover, with the increasing cost of healthcare, many patients are looking at other countries like India which provide high quality medical facilities at affordable costs and access to world known neurosurgeons without a long waiting period.