Welcome to India !

world’s best destination for your medical treatment done in India at a fraction of the cost at which it is done abroad – in US or Europe. Besides providing you medical treatment, our Tour Package will also takes you to the ever memorable tourist destinations in India. The complete package will cost you less that what you would have to pay for the medical charges alone, in other developed countries.

India has one of the best qualified professionals in each and every field, and this fact has now been realized the world over. Regarding Medical Facilities, India has the most competent doctors and world class Medical Facilities using the cutting-edge technologies. With most competitive charges for treatment, India is a very lucrative destination for people wanting to undergo treatment of certain medical problems/ surgery / organ transplant.

India offers World Class Medical Facilities, comparable with any of the western countries. India has state-of-the- art Hospitals and the best qualified doctors. With the best infrastructure, the best possible Medical facilities, accompanied with the most competitive prices, you can get the treatment done in India at the lowest charges. A patient will come to India where he will undergo medical treatment and along with that we will be providing him to visit and relax the best tourist and pilgrim destinations, as and when advised by the Doctors.

The whole thing would save him a lot of money and he will get to discover India at the same time. Medicare Tour India assure that we provide the best medical procedures and travel facilities during your stay in India.